1937 Elgin Skylark Bicycle

This bike is mostly complete and in good restorable condition. The lens is broke into 4 pieces and I am including it and a plastic reproduction. The pedals were sold off already so there are no pedals with this sale. The speedometer cable is missing. The tires are cracked and only good for show. There was no badge on the bike when I got it but I have a very good one that I will include with this sale. The rear section of the front fender is bent and cracked but no metal is missing and it can easily be repaired prior to painting. Everything else on this bike is in very good condition! Speedometer glass is in perfect condition and the face is undamaged, the whole speedometer and neck and buttons are excellent…..

Read more… Contact seller at::: http://glasgow.en.craigslist.co.uk/atd/4412653990.html

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