This clock runs very quietly, and keeps great time, I tested it over several days. The alarm works well, and will wake the dead! The dial illumination also still functions as it should, and it retains its original, oblong bulb. The clock does have evidence of its over 80 years with very minor stress fractures, mostly on the back, some on top, and some on the front; they are very subtle and do not detract at all from the clock at all, but I mention them for accuracy. They are smooth to the touch and none will even catch a fingernail; these are extremely common in these clocks, and are unavoidable. The glass crystal is original and very clear, and has its original mirror silvered edge intact and shiny. The back and all knobs are intact, although there may be a small repair to the very bottom left corner of the back panel, and at some points inside the back where the mechanicals attach to the back panel, although very solid. The time and alarm set as they should, and there is really not much to apologize for on this clock – it’s a super clean, honest old clock in gorgeous original condition.

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