Rare 1936-37 Magic Chef Series 1400 Art-Deco Style Gas Stove

This Magic Chef is without a doubt one of the most uniquely styled kitchen stoves ever designed. In it’s heyday it was considered “ultra-modern”. Two gas burners flank the large gas fueled oven, a grill in the center, broiler located below the center oven, and a utility drawer (could function also as warming drawer) below each pair of burners. The long shiny chrome handlebars are an extremely useful feature as is the extra counter space achieved by the two up or down counters over each pair of burners. This stove still looks cool, hip, retro and will be the envy of all your guests. It is in fairly good condition, a few chips, nothing glaring, the chrome is pretty good but it needs allot of the screws replaced, which are easy to do and a more thorough cleaning would ceartinly make it look stunning. I have not actually installed it or used it but I believe all the parts are there or in the wire basket as seen in the photo below.

This stove was functioning in a San Francisco Deco House for many years, then pulled out at some point for remodeling and remained in a S.F. garage for many more years. I saw it and snatched it up and brought it down to Salinas hoping to restore and put in my 1937 Deco-Style Apt. but it was just too big for my space, then too many other projects took over. I have not fully restored it but have cleaned it farely well. It needs a thorough cleaning, could replace two or possibly three handles which can be found at Antique Stove Places which I could direct you to and then just hooked up! It needs someone who is really into it, maybe experienced or open to learning and having fun. I am also on a fixed budget so it has not been a priority for me to fully restore. I have restored many old stoves — Wedgewoods, O’Keefe and Merrit and other Magic Chefs and once installed turn out to be a blast and better to cook with than the modern gas ones.

P.S. Stove measuresments – Overall Dimensions: 46″W x 24″D
Footprint –44″w x 24″d
Height to Cook Top — 34″
Height to Top of Stove — 43″
Oven — 18″w x 20″d x 13″h
Broiler — 16″w x 20″d x 7″h

Contact Seller: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/atq/2914885116.html


2 thoughts on “Rare 1936-37 Magic Chef Series 1400 Art-Deco Style Gas Stove

  1. The 1936-37 Magic Chef, Series 1400 which is displayed on the DecoThque/WordPress website is my stove, the picture was taken in front of my garage were it is now being stored. I wrote the verbage that accompanies the ad and still live in the same 1937 Deco Style Apartment bldg in Salinas, Ca. I was very surprised to see the ad on your site and not sure how this whole process works for you or for me! I posted ads on Craigslist, San Francisco Bay area and Monterey Bay area back in 2010. Since then I pulled the ads as I couldn’t get the minimum price plus hated to part with it. At this time I put the ads back on and was searching for my old pictures when I ran across the pic and information on your webs. If you want to update the information with the correct Craigslist ad links for s.f. and Monterey you are welcome to do so and would be appreciated. Otherwise, other than historical information the posting of my stove on your site is really not an ad per se.

    Thanks for your time and patience, Happy New Year
    Shawn Laughing tree

    • I dont sell anything here – this is a totally non-commercial site. Yes- you had a really cool piece.

      I just index cool stuff I see on Craigslist and elsewhere. And I only include part of the post and direct people to the original.

      Please do read the About section for more. I just keep a visual record of beautiful Art Deco objects even if the link goes old.

      Again – there is no commercial goal here. If you want me to delete it I am happy to do so. Do let me know.

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